IOSYS, Silver Forest, Yellow Zebra, Cool&Create.

This is probably one of the first Touhou circles you’ll hear about. And one of the most famous along with other groups like Silver Forest, Yellow Zebra and etc. It’s mostly famous because of PVs like Neko Miko Reimu, Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, or Overdrive.  When it comes down to it, not many people actually get the albums. Or  notice beautiful works like Star River. A lot of prideful Touhou fans, sometimes have a dislike for IOSYS. For a variety of reasons, over-rated or what not.

If you ever listened to a IOSYS album, you’d realize the variety of songs of different styles in there. That’s because nearly each one is created by a different artist. So it’s hard to hate all of them when they’re all made by different people. Although when it comes down to there’s like 2 songs of any IOSYS album that actually get popular. Around there. Like at C72, the popular ones there was Make Us Your Brides and Artificial Children. Both which had PVs made after them.

From what I heard Silver Forest disbanded. Quite a shame they had a lot of good tracks of similar genres. Also Kero ⑨ Destiny or Marisa☆Quest ~Great Treasure Hunt! They’ll be missed ;_;.

Yellow Zebra disbanded as well, they were responsible for M-1 Grand Prix along with a lot of other beautiful tracks like Silver Forest. Before disbanding they released huge CD packs containing a lot of their previous songs from previous albums.

Cool&Create is probably lesser known by name. But it’s still fairly popular for works like S Complex or Locked Girl. Both PV works. I’m starting to see a trend here. Well if they’re getting popular off of PVs then I guess PVs are doing their jobs as Promotional Videos.


My desires…


It’s… embarrassing to say. A lot of things are, until you get used to them. It’s probably due to how I grew up…. Actually, how I grew up would be wrong. What happened when I grew up would be a better to put it. It’s a lot more negative to say it that way… but it’s a lot more accurate really. That’s not something to go into though.

But, I’d always like to be somewhat like a princess. I think? Some aspects of it. Having someone like a prince for me… But I think I’d prefer if that prince was a girl. I don’t know, I just do kay? Having someone by my side… having someone close to me. I should of taken the chance to make a child hood friend while I still could.

Every night and even now I’d imagine situations where there’d be a beautiful scenery and one person who kidnaps me so we can live a wonderful life together. That was common in my earlier years when I was like 6 to who knows when because I couldn’t sleep due to insomnia or something.

My imagination wasn’t just limited to things like that. I didn’t know there was a phrase for it and nor did I understand it too well myself. But it seems like I was into bondage back then? I get really iffy feelings when I see other people in bondage though, but that was some pretty hectic child hood back then.

I wasn’t always the person I am today. I doubt many people do retain who they were before. Or so I’ve seen. But, I wonder if I’m glad or not. And I wonder how my past self would feel if she saw me now. I don’t remember what bent me to change these last few years to become a lot more positive and inspiring person.

I think its because I made a promise to become a ideal girl for someone in Gensokyo. This way, Reimu and Marisa will like me a bit more right? And the others too.

Now that I think about it. Toyosatomimi no Miko is often called a young prince. That’s because of the origins of her character. Then, maybe, just maybe… I wonder if this.. could mean something for me. Taoism? Maybe that’s my calling.

Zero Punctuation

A fast-talking, hard-core, bashing, trash-talking, hilarious game reviewer. Reviews games once per week and puts out a video every Wednesday. From anywhere from popular games to Diablo 3, Skyrim to things like… Twisted Metal.

Zero Punctuation: As a un-biased game critic… Shut up, I am.

But I feel like the best way to get a sense of him is to listen to him yourself.

But yes, his videos are in similar style of crudely but entertainly drawn figures that help you picture a very vague image of what he has in mind. The thing I like about Zero Punctuation is that he makes you truly think about what things all. You think of something as amazing, but then he sees it as something really small and actually a bad idea, etc, etc.

It’s not something you notice much of the time. Because when making game critics you tend to find that a way to drain away the fun because the flaws become more and more noticeable to you. In his case, I guess the fun part is writing this in the first place. When you can literally say anything you want and its also your job to make fun of the thing in the first place. But is it really making fun of if its true? Beats me.



Remi’s Kitchen.

It’s like a spin off to Hell’s Kitchen. No, not really. But Noai, the artist has a tendency from going to extremely cute looking characters to extremely I’m not going to get any sleep reaction faces. It’s rather amusing once you get over it really. While they’re cute it’s like they have hamster like qualities and appearances.

Remi’s Kitchen is a new book published for Reitaisai 9. Samples are up on Danbooru and Pixiv. It’s a un-colored 4koma revolved around.. Well, Remi and food usually.

It’s not really a tear-breaking piece with a deep story line and what not. It’s on the comedic lines where you go D’aww, Hnnggg and then WTF all at once. Is that a good thing? Let me ask Ness.

To be honest, I’ve been rather disappointed that the Team isn’t getting much attention. But, it’s Summer people are busy I guess. Things like that, and not everyone has summer. Getting some comments on the monthly video wuld be nice. Even, “You chose a bad one”. Or something…

My internet is going crazy, my computer is probably dying… One of these days I’m going to stop updating this blog because my computer is going to suddenly explode in front of my eyes, causing the map to have to be re-drawn.

June Monthly Touhou Video.

This months’ monthly video is so epic that my computer freezes whenever I try to watch it. But, yes my computer is rather bad. So, today.

Touhou Sky Arena. There aren’t many Touhou doujins that feature multi-player. And don’t get me started on PoFV multi-player. Touhou Sky Arena was made by the circle, Area-Zero. Who also made a variety of other games. Every major convention such as Reitaisai or Comiket they tend to release an additional expansion. The original Sky Arena featured a functionable multi-player, lobby system, around 10 maps and nearly 10 playable characters, such as Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Sakuya, Youmu to Cirno. And so on.

The characters have a remixed vocal theme associated to them, such as tracks made from Crest or other circles. The best way to explain the game-play is to watch some game-play videos or the trailer I’ve provided above. From my own experience here’s how it works.

You’re set in a pre-selected arena. Usually by you if you pick VS. mode, if you pick Story mode then well obviously your opponents and arena is selected for you. As you fly in the sky, there’s usually not many things in your way or obstacles. Most arena’s have box limitations, there’s a limit to how far off you can go and how low or high you can go too. But that’s usually not a problem because it’s pretty vast. This is so you don’t have to go to the other-side of Gensokyo to find someone. Like in most games.

There are a unique attacks that each character gets. But every character gets attacks that fall in the some what similar categories. Such as melee attacks that have individual animations for each character. Spamming ranged danmaku. To more unique spell cards that do a significant amount of damage while locking your opponent in place.

Matches can potentially go from 2v2 or 1v1v1v1. Setting up multiplayer with this game isn’t hard either, so it’s easy to play with your friends and what not. Once your health is eliminated your out of the round. Since attacks are actually different, you’ll known how to dodge them. Some attacks like regular danmaku that can be sprayed out every few seconds are usually homing but can be dodged simply keeping your character moving. So you also have melee attacks, where with the proper set-up are hard to dodge and can chain attacks as well. But if your opponent can fly towards you, you can fly away as well.

Honestly, many people probably played games that are similar to this. Although the game play is amazing, there’s still a lot of untapped potential that’s still there.

I did mention new characters every time right? Well, every time there’s a expansion it just builds on. With new story modes, new places to fight, new characters, new themes, new opening animations, story mode and it just goes on and on. For those who are into the thing there’s multiple tints you can apply to each character. I think…

This game doesn’t need particularly high system requirements either. It’s a really good game if you want to hang out with your friends and have a battle royale with each other.

Finals are over!

It has flanally came! Summer! Summer is never summer for me, I always have summer school. From 7 to 3. That really sucks and I have to walk a hour to get there. What? I don’t understand that. But at least, with this… The month is over and I have the monthly video to do. I haven’t even picked one yet, so I guess I’ll have to look around tomorrow…

I got her, Flan that is. If there’s people I like, it’s onse who are opened minded and not uptight. I can understand if your passionate about something, but… not everything. I’ve tested something out. I got a new internet, which is well-known for it’s one star rating. Wireless internet that’s like a plug you connect to your computer. Netopia. It’s been crashing for a while and I have to put a fan to stop it from crashing.

Wow, that’s a great design. It over-heats and crashes. The Wireless Internet thing that is. But that’s not really a big irritation. Summer means it’s probably going to be hot. You’d think I’d get used to it by now, but nahhh… I wonder why I haven’t got used to it already…. Beats me, sigh…



Touhou Cosplay.

A friend of mine started a conversation about cosplay, I usually wouldn’t do this but.. I spent a hour or two on Deviantart. Looking though a collection of cosplays. Touhou cosplays that is, there was 52 pages, each on containing 30 pictures each. 1560 photos total and I found 3 that I liked. So less then .2%. I’m a pretty harsh judge when it comes to cosplay. I realize people can’t help their appearance and usually a lot of times cosplays are poor due to the background/lighting or the face. I’m a critic, but I do constructive critism.

Bad cosplay feels somewhat like a insult. Why dress up and show to everyone… Yeah, yeah I know the reasons but I still feel very iffy about it.

But let me show you the three that I liked.

This is ranked #3 of the ones I found. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure if I truly liked it or not. The thing that turned me off was the face/expression. It didn’t seem Sanae-ish at all. However, I felt like the cosplay and the background were professional. Along with the edited blue flowers on two corners of the picture. I felt with the majority of the picture being rather beautiful and despite flaws here and there it’s very well done in the realm of possibilities in cosplay. I had to think for nearly 10 minutes and discuss if I liked it enough to show here because the expression she had was turning me away from it so much. With that look it just doesn’t feel like she’s Sanae.

I had to bare it though, I couldn’t get off with only showing 2 pictures.

Face wise, it could of been better. But I was content with Reimu’s face which was the highlight of the picture, which is why she was in the center. I felt like the cosplay could of been more well done. Like adding more detail onto Marisa’s or changing Reimu’s hair to be more wider around her hair .. I forgot the word for them. There was no problems with the eyes here, because well you can’t see them. This picture gets my #2 out of that collection and it’s overall very beautiful. The concept and idea was lovely. It’s not all about looks, but everything coming together.

Yes, that’s Sakuya. What would be more ideal in this picture if there was a balcony where it was simply lighted up by the stars and the full moon. Otherwise, I guess its fine to do this in the morning. To get the view of the flowers and background properly. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I feel like taking the photo at a angle was a nice touch. It looks like she’s looking back on you rather then the camera.

The face is fine, and the hair and outfit is simply amazing. It’s a beautiful work and deserves my ranking as a #1 picture that I found. Wait, but who cares about my rankings anyways ._.