It’s been over 10 days….

The days are going by so fast. The comiket is close and I’m looking forward to it. Although my sick state is a bit of a ugh. So, why haven’t I been updating my blog that often any more? Well there are several reasons.

1. I’m honestly exhausted.

I always did have low energy, and with the classes I have and all the physical straining and concentration. I think the main problem that it’s frustrating and there’s no actual relief from that. Oh and the fact that I disconnect a lot doesn’t help my frustration either. I don’t show it, but it’s not like it goes away~.

2. Partaking in multiple projects.

The DN Visual Novel is somewhat on a hiatus, dunno. I haven’t got any ideas for it. I have been trying to think up some murders and maybe I’ll do some research too. But yeah, FAD! started up a project where we’re making a small VN project which is most likely to be a murder mystery. I’m in charge of the story but I don’t know what to honestly put. I’ve been thinking up potential scenes in my free time. But nothing Phoenix Wright level. Or even remotely close to having a huge plot twist.

Mostly because with the scenarios it’s hard to have some believable twist to tie in. I mean anyone could say there’s a secret entrance but..

There’s also the fact that I’m doing TPWEVO screenshots which are painful to upload and screenshot every single one and I’m still doing Eastern Starlight Romance on a half weekly to weekly basis?

3. There’s not too much to say anyways.

I can of course talk about my day or what I feel about X or Y. However how many people would truly be interested? Honestly, I’ve been reading a lot of doujins but I’m not some kind of professional artist or story writer. If it’s regards to music then I don’t have a wide variety to say either besides how amazing it sounds or how it sounds in general. I’m not a expert so there’s no real layer of depth I can go into in those areas.

But yeah, I’m still taking requests if any of you guys are interested in hearing me actually do something. Just PM me on Pojo or any other place. I might put up interesting doujin if I see fit that this place isn’t really getting activity.




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