It’s a grim-dark Doujin. I’m pretty scared by this stuff but I’m really easy to scare. It’s a Touhou doujin that I personally uploaded on imgur for the sake of reading. It’s all in order though. It revolved around a murder incident where you the reader has to personally figure out how it was done and why.

The answer is on the artist’s website or you could personally ask me for the answer. Because well, yeah. I checked the website.

It’s pretty in depth, it’s not one of the things that’s clearly obvious but within a look you realize the clues are a lot more showy then they are.

It’s reasons like this I probably won’t be a good detective. Somewhat like how I get the urge that a murderer is outside my door when I read it in the first place.

I know I haven’t really been updating my blog. But that’s mostly because I’ve been doing the Let’s Play for “Eastern Starlight Romance”. Yes, I haven’t been doing that much either, but I’ve been feeling lethargic. Sorry.

I’ll do my best to update it today, I hope you guys look forward to it and the next addition. It does take a while to do while a short time to read.



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