Eastern Starlight Romance Playthrough: Part 2.

Resuming from where we left out last time.

Summary: We started the game, Keine visited Marisa out during
winter during a cold snowy day. Keine told Marisa that her Dad
died of Heart Failure in his sleep and left all his belongings to her.

Resolved and scared of death, Marisa sets out into a new year,
promising to over-come death and become immortal.

Several months has past from that day, having more money in her
pocket from selling off the store, she goes and visits Reimu for a
>Hey, you never called. Option A, 3 votes to 0.

*Continuing “Miko’s Afternoon Stroll” BGM*

Marisa: You never called me, Reimu. I saw Sanae at the village
more than I saw you.
I see your sense of humor has gotten even more warped.
Marisa: Heh. Guess I can’t fool you. Sorry I didn’t drop by more.


Reimu: And with both you and Suika busy it was just getting quiet
here. Ah, well, I suppose a busy shrine is better than a quiet
She tossed the last bit of seed to the birds then motioned for me
to follower her to her house at the back.


It had been too long since I simply relaxed at the shrine. Even
when Reimu was trying to do something to pull in donations, it
was usually peaceful, no matter what she claimed. Only festivals
and incidents disrupted things seriously.
It was nice enough that I didn’t even complain when Reimu
snagged that last tea cake. She really should’ve let me have it as a
guest though.
Marisa: That’s right, you said Suika’s been busy? With what?
Reimu: Oni things, I guess. I think she’s been trying to start an
incident up in heaven, but I can’t tell.
Marisa: Huh, so I guess the only person who’s been coming by
regular is Yukari then.
Reimu: Nothing’s regular about Yukari. Besides, she’s been
Marisa: Oh yeah. I suppose that’s true.
Reimu: So, did you get done everything that needed to be done?
Marisa: Huh?
Reimu: You know what I’m talking about.
Ah right. She was of course talking about the estate. Reimu knew
me pretty well. Better than to openly ask about my father.
Marisa: Yeah. I finished up everything. The store’s out of my
hands and all the merchandise is dealt with.
Reimu: Sorry I couldn’t be there for the funeral.
Marisa: It was my own fault for not making sure you could make
it. Kourin was there.
Reimu: Good.
For some reason it hurt less when I talked about it with Reimu.
Perhaps because we were old friends.
And perhaps because we were such old friends, she knew when to
change the subject.
Reimu: So, did you hear about what Yuka was up to this winter?
Reimu cheerfully told me about the events I’d missed while I was
stuck in the village. It wasn’t anything that big, but it was
refreshingly normal. After that we sat for a while in comfortable
Reimu: So I guess you’ll be around here a lot more then?
That was a good question. I had my research to do, but…
Marisa: Well, I’ve thought up a new project, but I should be by
more often than in winter.
Reimu: A new project? What is it?
Marisa: Well…

I await your answers.
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Vote Count.
Option A: 0
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Option C: 4
First Response: Vai. 12:08 A.M 6/11.

Vote Count 2.
Option A: 0
Option B: 3
Option C: 0
Option D: 0
First Response: Vai. 12:08 A.M.

Next Part.


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