Eastern Starlight Romance Part 1.


It’s not that I forgot to do the blog post yesterday. It’s just that I was having too much fun with old friends that I didn’t care enough. But, in exchange I’ll be doing a pretty major project. In comparison to my other stuff anyways.

A full play-through of Eastern Starlight Romance. I’ll be stopping whenever there’s a choice and I’ll be giving a span of several hours to a day for you guys to vote for the next choice. You can reply on the DN thread or simply PM me your choice. Or you could reply on my Team Thread and that’d be the easiest for me to see along side PMs. Not to say, the only votes that wlil be counted are the ones that I actually see. I’ll look around for a bit, but I’m not exactly going look though 100 pages to find if someone voted or not. If there’s a clear majority I might as well go along with that choice anyways.

IF there’s a split, then I’m going with the first response, to somewhat inspire to guys to actually partake a bit. How do I check? I look at the time posted/sent. Regardless. I’ll be doing the 2nd part, later tonight. Due to a vote of 3 for A and 0 for B.


>Double clicks “Doujin Games” file.
>Double clicks “Touhou” sub-file.
>Double clicks “Touhou Visual Novels” sub-file.
>Double clicks “Eastern Starlight Romance (Demo 2.0)”
>Double clicks the .exe
>New game.
The winter of the Hot Springs Incident.

Marisa: Who would come out here in the snow to annoy me?
I took my time getting up from the kotatsu. If they weren’t willing
to wait a little bit, I wasn’t going to waste heat opening the door.
*Play “Knock” SE*.
However, the person outside felt the need to knock again, louder
this time.
Marisa: Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.
I opened the door.

*Play “Wind” SE*
*Play New BGM*
*Insert New CG*

There on the porch stood someone I’d never expected to see at
my home. The half-beast school teacher.
Keine: I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Marisa.
A feeling of dread passed over me. Normally I ignored those, but
this one was different. I hesitated a moment before continuing.
Marisa: Tell me about what, Keine?
Keine: Marisa… I’m afraid your father passed away last night.
I was stunned. My old man? Dead? It didn’t seem possible. But
Keine wouldn’t like to me…
Keine: The doctor thinks it was heart failure. It must have
happened when he was sleeping. There was no pain.
My chest felt heavy, and Keine’s voice seemed weird, but I didn’t
feel much else.
Marisa: I see…
Keine: I’m sorry it took so long to tell you. I’m the only person
who can reach here safely, you see…
She pulled out a simple piece of paper and held it towards me. I
reflexively took it.
Keine: I wish there was a better time for this as well, but it has to
be handled now I’m afraid. This is your father’s will. He left you
everything, as the only child.
She paused, checking my reaction. I can’t really say what she was
thinking. I couldn’t even tell what I was thinking.
Marisa: I… I don’t think I need anything, Keine. Thanks for
offering though.
Keine: Would you like me to handle the funeral arrangements?
Marisa: No. No, I’ll come down and handle that tomorrow. I just
need to get my things ready first.
Keine: Okay, Marisa. You know where to find me if you need help.

*Insert new CG*
I shut the door, then sat down to my fireplace with the will. It
took me an hour or two to actually muster up the strength to read
the paper.
The will seemed surreal. It was cold, clinical, and as Keine said, it
left everything to me, the “first born child.” What made it even
stranger was I had been sure he’d disowned me.
Father and I’d never gotten along, even before I ran away. I
thought I hated him, but the pain in my chest told me that I had
loved him too. It was so confusing.
I’d never done well with family, especially not my father. And now
they were all gone. Separated by death forever.

*Insert new CG*
The strangest thing was that I knew more about dying and the
afterlife than most. I’ve even personally spoken with the people in
charge. I knew Komachi would take him to Shikieiki, then on to
reincarnation or to Yuyuko’s realm.
But it still hurt terribly.
And it still scared me terribly.
I got through planning the funeral alright. But when I started
selling the store that had been my father’s life for so many years, I
realized that everything he’d loved was gone. Taken away by
I have to admit it gave me nightmares.
Fortunately, I managed to slap some sense into myself. I was
Marisa Kirisame, and I was a first-class witch. There was no
problem my magic couldn’t solve.
That’s why on New Year’s Day I swore, as I rang the bell at the
Hakurei Shrine, that I’d beat death. One way or another I
wouldn’t feel that fear ever again.

*Insert new CG*
*Insert new BGM*
It was the first day of the third month of the year. It had taken me
three months to get the estate in order, but everything was finally
That meant it was time to get serious about my goals. If I was
going to do something like conquer mortality, I needed to get to
Luckily, I didn’t need to worry about money for a while. The sale
of the shop had earned a decent profit, even with the conditions in
the village. I could work as a full time magician for a while.
To start with, I pulled out my old notes on immortality and spent
a couple hours poring over them. I thought I had a good idea of
what I needed to fix, but actually fixing it was going to take a few
inspirational moments and a lot of work.
I was probably going to need some outside help on this.
Especially if I want to finish it in a year.
I should also try to get back in touch with people. I’d been out of
the loop quite a bit. I wanted to live forever after all, not just sit
around existing forever.
I decided on my first day free to go see Reimu. She was the center
point of activity outside the village. Besides, it’d been too long
since we’d had a good talk about something that wasn’t
Besides, it was always a good time to visit Reimu. I could grab
some food while I was there.

*Insert new BG*.
I flew over the budding forest, the scattered flowering trees
sticking out among their still-waking companions. As I
approached the shrine the flowering plants became more
numerous, until I found the shrine itself, surrounded by flowers.
Reimu was in the courtyard, tossing food to the birds. I guess
she’d given up on sweeping until closer to the flower viewing. She
looked up as I landed.

*Insert new character*
Reimu: Hey! It’s been a while, Marisa.

>Right click’s and saves.
I’ll continue this if there’s interest. Give me a reply that states what
option that you want to go with. I’ll go with the majority. If there’s
a even split, I’ll go with the first response.

Vote count.
Option A: 3
Option B: 0
First Response: N.Nick for A.


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