Today I’ll pick the first thing on 4chan /jp/ and talk about it.

Woah, Gifs work. This was the first thread picture and it’s a picture of Youmu of course. PCB was my first Touhou game, and Youmu had a nice theme. For me Youmu was easy to get past, I don’t particularly know why. But she was definitely a more interesting character I felt at the time.

As the gardener, I wonder what her actual personility is like. Is she stern? Is she strict? Easy-going? With all that works she has to do I wouldn’t hold it against her to have a short temper. But she’s hard working it seems.

Some people would ask her what is it like to be a half-ghost. How exactly are you supposed to answer that when you don’t have anything to compare it to? Being a half-ghost to her is normal and she probably can’t imagine what it’d be like to be full ghost or full human. Can she control her ghost half? Or does it just listen to her. Is it a part of her, or does it come out of its own will. There’s a lot of mysteries about Myon, I can’t help but wonder. Can normal humans see Myon? People here can’t see ghosts, or maybe they just hide.


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