Touhou Doujin Anime – Explosion of Patchouli

Explosion of Patchouli was released at Reitaisai SP2. I’ll comment as I watch it. First, it starts out with a generic plot. Although I did say generic, the idea by itself is pretty interesting. To be honest on first impression the artwork of the characters were seriously turning me off from the video.

There are some people who complained about the lack of presence of other characters like China. But adding more characters or less doesn’t usually become a big complaint depending on the story.

Personally, I feel really bad about is how obedient/passive Sakuya is in the video. Well, not really bad but I don’t particularly like it. She was apologizing too much and not actually doing much. It just didn’t seem like her.

The voices are a nice touch, which most animations don’t usually have voices. So, I guess that’s a plus? It wasn’t as good as other voices in other doujins but seeing how its a doujin I give it more credit because of low funding and what not.

I don’t really want to spoil too much but it does give a impression about the potential relationship between Remilia and Patchouli along with Remilia and Flandre.

Well, it’s not as interesting as other animations however. It’s still worth watching.


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