Comiket 82

The next Comiket is at Aug 8, 9 and 10. Comiket is held twice a year, in Aug and Dec. Known as the winter and summer comikets. Usually the summer comikets have a lot more content as there’s a larger span of time between the two. A huge majority of tables at Comiket, or Comic Market is for Touhou related content. Which is why its usually a great place to sell Touhou doujins even more then Reitaisai which only happens once a year.

There’s a lot of crows at Comiket, so things are well-known for getting hot and humid. But over-all the experience is said to be a lot of fun. Famous cosplayers are crowded around with pictures, and a lot of Promotional Videos are shown though out Comiket promoting new doujins and a variety of other stuff.

The security is there to keep order, although with the crowds its hard to do so. At like most conventions, it’s restricted to usually take photos or videos of any of the videos, artwork where photos are more for the cosplay or shows that go on. Mostly because your actually supposed to buy the stuff if you want to continue viewing. It seems to be a great experience and I’d love if someone who actually went could share their experience with me.

Did I already repeat this? Well the blog idea that I had for today it was a bit too late to do it so eheh..



2 responses to “Comiket 82

  1. I will be going to Comiket 83 this winter. I can share some of my experience on that then. Incidentally, I’ll be in Tokyo on August 8th but won’t be able to attend Comiket 82 because I have work contacts to meet with.

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