IOSYS, Silver Forest, Yellow Zebra, Cool&Create.

This is probably one of the first Touhou circles you’ll hear about. And one of the most famous along with other groups like Silver Forest, Yellow Zebra and etc. It’s mostly famous because of PVs like Neko Miko Reimu, Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, or Overdrive.  When it comes down to it, not many people actually get the albums. Or  notice beautiful works like Star River. A lot of prideful Touhou fans, sometimes have a dislike for IOSYS. For a variety of reasons, over-rated or what not.

If you ever listened to a IOSYS album, you’d realize the variety of songs of different styles in there. That’s because nearly each one is created by a different artist. So it’s hard to hate all of them when they’re all made by different people. Although when it comes down to there’s like 2 songs of any IOSYS album that actually get popular. Around there. Like at C72, the popular ones there was Make Us Your Brides and Artificial Children. Both which had PVs made after them.

From what I heard Silver Forest disbanded. Quite a shame they had a lot of good tracks of similar genres. Also Kero ⑨ Destiny or Marisa☆Quest ~Great Treasure Hunt! They’ll be missed ;_;.

Yellow Zebra disbanded as well, they were responsible for M-1 Grand Prix along with a lot of other beautiful tracks like Silver Forest. Before disbanding they released huge CD packs containing a lot of their previous songs from previous albums.

Cool&Create is probably lesser known by name. But it’s still fairly popular for works like S Complex or Locked Girl. Both PV works. I’m starting to see a trend here. Well if they’re getting popular off of PVs then I guess PVs are doing their jobs as Promotional Videos.


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