Zero Punctuation

A fast-talking, hard-core, bashing, trash-talking, hilarious game reviewer. Reviews games once per week and puts out a video every Wednesday. From anywhere from popular games to Diablo 3, Skyrim to things like… Twisted Metal.

Zero Punctuation: As a un-biased game critic… Shut up, I am.

But I feel like the best way to get a sense of him is to listen to him yourself.

But yes, his videos are in similar style of crudely but entertainly drawn figures that help you picture a very vague image of what he has in mind. The thing I like about Zero Punctuation is that he makes you truly think about what things all. You think of something as amazing, but then he sees it as something really small and actually a bad idea, etc, etc.

It’s not something you notice much of the time. Because when making game critics you tend to find that a way to drain away the fun because the flaws become more and more noticeable to you. In his case, I guess the fun part is writing this in the first place. When you can literally say anything you want and its also your job to make fun of the thing in the first place. But is it really making fun of if its true? Beats me.




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