Remi’s Kitchen.

It’s like a spin off to Hell’s Kitchen. No, not really. But Noai, the artist has a tendency from going to extremely cute looking characters to extremely I’m not going to get any sleep reaction faces. It’s rather amusing once you get over it really. While they’re cute it’s like they have hamster like qualities and appearances.

Remi’s Kitchen is a new book published for Reitaisai 9. Samples are up on Danbooru and Pixiv. It’s a un-colored 4koma revolved around.. Well, Remi and food usually.

It’s not really a tear-breaking piece with a deep story line and what not. It’s on the comedic lines where you go D’aww, Hnnggg and then WTF all at once. Is that a good thing? Let me ask Ness.

To be honest, I’ve been rather disappointed that the Team isn’t getting much attention. But, it’s Summer people are busy I guess. Things like that, and not everyone has summer. Getting some comments on the monthly video wuld be nice. Even, “You chose a bad one”. Or something…

My internet is going crazy, my computer is probably dying… One of these days I’m going to stop updating this blog because my computer is going to suddenly explode in front of my eyes, causing the map to have to be re-drawn.


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