June Monthly Touhou Video.

This months’ monthly video is so epic that my computer freezes whenever I try to watch it. But, yes my computer is rather bad. So, today.


Touhou Sky Arena. There aren’t many Touhou doujins that feature multi-player. And don’t get me started on PoFV multi-player. Touhou Sky Arena was made by the circle, Area-Zero. Who also made a variety of other games. Every major convention such as Reitaisai or Comiket they tend to release an additional expansion. The original Sky Arena featured a functionable multi-player, lobby system, around 10 maps and nearly 10 playable characters, such as Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Sakuya, Youmu to Cirno. And so on.

The characters have a remixed vocal theme associated to them, such as tracks made from Crest or other circles. The best way to explain the game-play is to watch some game-play videos or the trailer I’ve provided above. From my own experience here’s how it works.

You’re set in a pre-selected arena. Usually by you if you pick VS. mode, if you pick Story mode then well obviously your opponents and arena is selected for you. As you fly in the sky, there’s usually not many things in your way or obstacles. Most arena’s have box limitations, there’s a limit to how far off you can go and how low or high you can go too. But that’s usually not a problem because it’s pretty vast. This is so you don’t have to go to the other-side of Gensokyo to find someone. Like in most games.

There are a unique attacks that each character gets. But every character gets attacks that fall in the some what similar categories. Such as melee attacks that have individual animations for each character. Spamming ranged danmaku. To more unique spell cards that do a significant amount of damage while locking your opponent in place.

Matches can potentially go from 2v2 or 1v1v1v1. Setting up multiplayer with this game isn’t hard either, so it’s easy to play with your friends and what not. Once your health is eliminated your out of the round. Since attacks are actually different, you’ll known how to dodge them. Some attacks like regular danmaku that can be sprayed out every few seconds are usually homing but can be dodged simply keeping your character moving. So you also have melee attacks, where with the proper set-up are hard to dodge and can chain attacks as well. But if your opponent can fly towards you, you can fly away as well.

Honestly, many people probably played games that are similar to this. Although the game play is amazing, there’s still a lot of untapped potential that’s still there.

I did mention new characters every time right? Well, every time there’s a expansion it just builds on. With new story modes, new places to fight, new characters, new themes, new opening animations, story mode and it just goes on and on. For those who are into the thing there’s multiple tints you can apply to each character. I think…

This game doesn’t need particularly high system requirements either. It’s a really good game if you want to hang out with your friends and have a battle royale with each other.


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