Finals are over!

It has flanally came! Summer! Summer is never summer for me, I always have summer school. From 7 to 3. That really sucks and I have to walk a hour to get there. What? I don’t understand that. But at least, with this… The month is over and I have the monthly video to do. I haven’t even picked one yet, so I guess I’ll have to look around tomorrow…

I got her, Flan that is. If there’s people I like, it’s onse who are opened minded and not uptight. I can understand if your passionate about something, but… not everything. I’ve tested something out. I got a new internet, which is well-known for it’s one star rating. Wireless internet that’s like a plug you connect to your computer. Netopia. It’s been crashing for a while and I have to put a fan to stop it from crashing.

Wow, that’s a great design. It over-heats and crashes. The Wireless Internet thing that is. But that’s not really a big irritation. Summer means it’s probably going to be hot. You’d think I’d get used to it by now, but nahhh… I wonder why I haven’t got used to it already…. Beats me, sigh…




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