Touhou Cosplay.

A friend of mine started a conversation about cosplay, I usually wouldn’t do this but.. I spent a hour or two on Deviantart. Looking though a collection of cosplays. Touhou cosplays that is, there was 52 pages, each on containing 30 pictures each. 1560 photos total and I found 3 that I liked. So less then .2%. I’m a pretty harsh judge when it comes to cosplay. I realize people can’t help their appearance and usually a lot of times cosplays are poor due to the background/lighting or the face. I’m a critic, but I do constructive critism.

Bad cosplay feels somewhat like a insult. Why dress up and show to everyone… Yeah, yeah I know the reasons but I still feel very iffy about it.

But let me show you the three that I liked.

This is ranked #3 of the ones I found. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure if I truly liked it or not. The thing that turned me off was the face/expression. It didn’t seem Sanae-ish at all. However, I felt like the cosplay and the background were professional. Along with the edited blue flowers on two corners of the picture. I felt with the majority of the picture being rather beautiful and despite flaws here and there it’s very well done in the realm of possibilities in cosplay. I had to think for nearly 10 minutes and discuss if I liked it enough to show here because the expression she had was turning me away from it so much. With that look it just doesn’t feel like she’s Sanae.

I had to bare it though, I couldn’t get off with only showing 2 pictures.

Face wise, it could of been better. But I was content with Reimu’s face which was the highlight of the picture, which is why she was in the center. I felt like the cosplay could of been more well done. Like adding more detail onto Marisa’s or changing Reimu’s hair to be more wider around her hair .. I forgot the word for them. There was no problems with the eyes here, because well you can’t see them. This picture gets my #2 out of that collection and it’s overall very beautiful. The concept and idea was lovely. It’s not all about looks, but everything coming together.

Yes, that’s Sakuya. What would be more ideal in this picture if there was a balcony where it was simply lighted up by the stars and the full moon. Otherwise, I guess its fine to do this in the morning. To get the view of the flowers and background properly. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I feel like taking the photo at a angle was a nice touch. It looks like she’s looking back on you rather then the camera.

The face is fine, and the hair and outfit is simply amazing. It’s a beautiful work and deserves my ranking as a #1 picture that I found. Wait, but who cares about my rankings anyways ._.


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