Reitaisai 9, Album viewing.


Let’s see! It’s Reitaisai, so I’ve been picking out things of notice. As my notes for tomorrow’s test lays on the side. I’m telling myself I’ll do it later, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe tomorrow morning…

One… two… three… four… Ah! I didn’t pick out Liz Triangle’s album yet, downloading, downloading. There was a lot of things out of the usual with this Reitaisai. There wasn’t any demo for the next Touhou game, but instead there was ZUN’s wedding. Everyone calls him the god of the Hakurei Shrine or something. But for some reason that annoys me. I think my view on it is a lot better. My friend here would say, “Of course, it’s your view.” But wouldn’t it be more amazing if ZUN was someone who lived in Gensokyo for a while and recorded the incidents and came to the Outside world and made them into games?

Nevertheless, I have 5 albums to comment on today. Touhou remix albums, listing them they’re.

1. FELT – Stand up.

I’ve always been a fan of FELT’s albums. I feel like there’s some depth in their albums I’m not getting though. It seems like a common trend to put a introduction song in their albums. Perhaps that means something special? A 4chaner named Anon, like most others said this. FELT seemed to exchanged quantity for quality this time.

It’s true, they had less tracks then usual. But they sure were amazing. The favorite like most others was Innocent Eyes, a remix of Satori’s Theme, 3rd Eye.

There’s something particularly special with FELTs style that other groups don’t have. I don’t know how to describe it though. Its really soft on the ears, but its not passive either. It’s… beautiful really. That’s the feeling I get from their songs. The cover is also beautiful.

FELT will always get my full recommendation. If you like their style, there’s little reason the next album shouldn’t be satisfying as well.

2. Liz Triangle – Yuri-IRO Zukan.

There’s nothing much to say here. It’s a album with two songs. The main aspect of it is the 20 page artbook collection of various Touhou characters. Mostly TD, UFO and PoFV. The song Yume Uta, comes in a instrumental version and a non-instrumental version. It’s a soft and soothing vocal of Cosmic Mind.

3. Swing Holic – Vol. 9

I never been much of a jazz person. But people do say Jazz is good for the soul, sometimes. However, even if I do say that. I have to say this album did impress me. I wasn’t too fond of every song in here, but there was quite a lot that caught me. If your into the jazz genre, Swing Holic is pretty good. I particularly liked their track, Tightrope Dancing.

4. Yuuhei Satellite – Hana Choufuugetsu.

What does this circle do? They produce the music for Memories of Phantasm. That isn’t the only thing they do, but since I’m discussing music now. This album comes with 4 tracks, 2 songs with instrumental version of them too. Hana Choufuugetsu was the music played in the 3rd episode of Memories of Phantasm PV. From what I heard, some people felt like it was putting them to sleep. I do have to agree it wasn’t as eventful as the previous two, but it was simply a different style. It wasn’t light-show amazing, but the quality is still as good as ever. Some people may not be fond of the song because its a bit slower paced because it’s remixing Shikieiki’s theme. But I like it.

5. Xi-on – Touhou Shisou 11th Spell -Overflow-

This seems to a primarily PCB album. One thing I can say about Xi-on is that it has a specialty for its genre of music. What genre is that? Dunno, maybe metal? I’m not exactly too sure. A thing I liked about Xi-on is that its easy to tell some of the instruments used. It’s like they toned down the volume to make it all flow together. None of them are vocals by the way. Or at least I don’t think so.

So, yeah that’s 5 albums for today. There’s still a lot of albums that are really good, like you can check out A-One’s 5th Touhou EuroBEAT.



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