Touhou Final Fantasy.


Just want you to know, it’s Reitaisai time. 9 that is. But today let’s discuss Final Fantasy Touhou, or Touhou Final Fantasy. The latter sounds better. A pretty clever looking project made with MMD. To be honest, I have little clue what the story is about. Because like most good things, its all in Japanese.

This is the… last part? Probably. There is a part before this that features a battle with Tenshi instead. At any rate, first if you already watched the video let me say a few things. U.S.C refers to Yuuka’s fan name, Ultimate Sadistic Creature? Or something like that. The animations are pretty cool.  I have the feeling that they were ripped or something. It was made with MMD which I have no information of ever using. So who knows… maybe it comes with however they do things. If anyone can translate the video tell me, I’d love someone with that ability.

With finals coming up there’s still the monthyl video to do after that. The summer, I wonder what adventures my Junior year will await me. Will I still be at Pojo? Will I still be updating this? Beats me. Maybe I won’t even be alive, maybe I’ll be at Gensokyo….


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