What to write about….

Electronics, just don’t like me. I have poor experiences with them. I’m not someone who can’t tell the power button from a mouse. I wonder if that’s even possible in the first place. But if people can make cooking explode then I guess that’s possible too. It just seems like things break when I have them. I mean, I can’t speak from other people’s perspective, so its only normal that I only see things break when I’m there. That makes more sense, but its a hard idea to grasp to think other people are experiencing things breaking down quite as easily.

My laptop, or at least someone else’s laptop encountered a problem while I was using it. How did it encounter that problem? Beats me. But I’d have to take it apart to get it fixed. Great isn’t it. So I basically gave up and I’m just leaving it as it is. After finals week, I have summer school, every year. That’s something to look forward too huh? It’s sad that I can’t even enjoy my youth as it is. So sad. ;_;. So what to do? What to do? I’m sure you guys realized that thesse last few blog posts have been rather lazy but… yeah



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