You know…

It’s rather iffy. Rules and society. All that kinds of stuff, I don’t mind it to a extent but… What’s with those people with some kind of moral superiority that feel like they get to determine what’s right and wrong in society? I realize for the basis for a huge society to function there has to be some moral code. But basing one group as more superior as another?

I’m not saying that everyone is reliable though A lot of people gone though a lot of different things, and there are definitely people that I don’t want to make those kinds of situations. When you look for a solution, you find problems, you find resolutions but then you find problems to those resolutions. It’s annoying, we can mostly seek towards a solution that causes the least trouble. After all, it’s not that there is a bad side to everything. It’s just that there’s a way to see bad things in everything. But you can turn that thing around and reason that people can see good things in everything too. You can always win and you can always lose. That kind of flexibility, maybe life isn’t as cruel as I usually think. But then I end up taking back those words. I’ll find a picture later.


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