Addicted to Curry

This has a mature rating. I don’t understand why the artist decides to insert 1-2 pages of sex scenes occasionally just for the sake of it. I’ve been trying to read food manga’s lately. Okay, so the main character is a traveling 20s year old guy who comes upon a curry shop while nearly starving. After being helped out by the daughter of that shop who turns out to be a friend of his that he was looking for. He ends up staying at the shop which was supposed to close down due to a lack of customers. And from there, their goals revive and they’re inspired to bring back life into the restaurant. Although they need a minimum of 200 customers per day to meet their monthly revenue. The main character is a pervert, so its not unlikely to see a few panty shots here and there.

The story is generally based off the short story adventures of the main character revolved around the curry shop or so it seems so far. I don’t know how but with words and suddenly eating curry it seems like everyone suddenly finds new bouts of inspiration in anything they want to do. How does that happen? Well curry is magical, you know.

I don’t really mind that aspect as much as the dis-belief of it all. I can understand if the chef was the one explaining but this really bothers me. Everyone in the manga who takes one bite of curry can explain in detail about the ingredients, texture and flavor of the curry. Using terminology that may even be uncommon for chefs. One or two people would be fine. But seeing everyone do that? Jeez.

That’s just a qualm I have, read it if you want though.


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