Fortune Days

By Pigeonblood.

Have any of you had any kind of interests in fortunes? Fortune cookies, fortune tellers. I heard it was a popular thing to add “in bed” to the end of any fortune. It seems like Meiling is into fortunes. This a doujin about the popular SakuMei pairing. Which one is more popular, SakuMei or SakuRem? I’d guess Rem but Mei is a close one. The gatekeeper and the maid, it’s not un-usual to see Meiling getting beaten up by Sakuya for dozing off during her work. In all honesty, not many intruders actually go past into the SDM and any that actually do typically can’t be stopped by Meiling. Unless she’s actually holding back some amazing power.

The doujin is resolved around Meiling getting into a weekly fortune service. Conviently, it’s a lot about her love life. Her emotions to Sakuya in the beginning are a secret until she suddenly gets a really terrible fortune. A fortune that could potentially ruin her entire relationship with Sakuya. She tries to follow the fortune and fix that fate. But Sakuya is less then helpful and Meiling can’t explain the situation to her either. How will she be able to resolve this! Find out!



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