Ghost Stories

A doujin by S Makoto? After a session of ghost stories from Yukari and Yuyuko, Marisa becomes too scared to return home and spends the place at Reimu’s. A ghost telling ghost stories, I guess that’s the best way to do it. In this fanon, Marisa seems to be easy to scare and rather timid although she tries to keep a brave face otherwise. It tends to be useless and she breaks when she gets even remotely scared.

It’s a ReixMari doujin. With Marisa being the one who approaches Reimu. That’s usually how it is for Marisa rather then the other way around. Being one of the more common tomboys of Gensokyo. Despite being scared easily in this doujin.

The more appealing things in this doujin are moe-inducing scenes such as Marisa crying. Despite how I rather have them not crying and happy instead. It’s hard for me to deny that when they do cry it’s really really cute. Reimu seems to agree as well.

It’s not really too much about Marisa getting scared. The doujin is primarily about the yuri aspects of Reimu and Marisa and their love for each other. The ghost stories just generally sets the whole thing up. I don’t want to spoil any of it, because its really not long enough to go into serious depth.


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