My Heart

A MarixAli doujin by Cloud Palette. Really with all this work on my hands I just picked a random doujin to show to you guys today. I’m not really that busy compared to other people. I’m just not efficient.

Nevertheless the doujin. The artwork is nice and rather standard really. There isn’t too much to note about it. As the days pass there’s peaceful days. The two magicians discuss things related to their work and sit down to tea. Alice doesn’t want these days to change, and she though Marisa felt the same. But when Marisa suddenly confessed to her things changed.

Why was it necessary? Why did she have to confess? I just wanted these every day moments to stay the same. Will these days change?

Its something a lot of people think about often. I can’t speak for everyone though so just call it my intuition.


I’ve been playing MuvLuv lately. It’s a VN that also has a anime adaption. From what I heard it wasn’t that good. My first impressions is that its seemingly casual. Nothing is really happening and there’s a lot of questions left un-answered. However it seems extreme in a good way. It makes me laugh and definitely keeps me entertained to keep reading on.




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