I’ll finally obtained a VG deck!

Let me look at the exclusives. Yes I’m tired for today’s post.

Great Silver Wolf, Garmore.

The first ability seems pretty nice, a extra 5000 power if you just have 4 damage. I’m starting to feel like these limit breaks are a bit OP but who knows. The 2nd ability is pretty inferior. But being able to search for something makes it similar to Alfred in that manner? Alfred can’t easily get to 23000 when fighting against 13k VGs.


It’s another Bors. What does that mean? It means its decent but outclassed by other Grade 3s. Sound familiar. Yes it does.


Well this doesn’t seem too bad, but I never been a fan of effects like these. If it boosts a certain unit you can Soul Blast for extra power? It just never seems worth the inconsistency. Then again most Grade 1’s are unused and go as shields anyways, so who knows. Not to mention this by itself reaches 11000.

Blessing Owl

Another Starlight Unicorn. Why is this a exclusive? Who knows.

Nevertheless the deck seems pretty interesting. It’s the 2nd season of Aichi. Who apparently had to switch decks unwillingly. I wonder how things like that happen. The 2nd season is based around Asia.


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