Touhou Mecha

Yeah, yeah. Sleepy sleepy. Yawn… I’m so bored too. Nevertheless, this seems to be another Touhou doujin game developed by the same people who’s currently making Eastern Starlight/Daylight? Romance. One of the two.

Nevertheless, a lot of people are a fan of mecha. Mostly because of Gundam or something. Giant robots fighting each other tends to have appeal. Not to say I’m a major fan of any sort. But its easy to find people who get passionate over mecha.

So what is this game like? It’s a VN, like any other. Currently in development although a reasonable 30 minute demo was released. 30 minute depending on your read speed that is.

There’s been further development processes, such as a data base for all the mecha that showed up.

Nevertheless, what is Touhou Mecha? Well the basis of the story line is explained in the demo. The game primarily takes place in the Underground. The location of Touhou 11, SA. Featuring SA characters, MoF characters and hinting at the main heroines showing up as well.

Two sides in the Underground are at war, though to seemingly political beliefs. If they should go to the above ground or not. One side is run by Komeiji, while the other is run by Parsee. The main heroine of this story is Okuu, who discovers a mecha called the Yata Garasu to turn the tide in the war along with Kanako’s assistance.

But suddenly unknown enemies happen to show up. And Parsee is obtaining additional forces. How will things turn out? Picture is a screenshot.



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