Food in Gensokyo?

Huge Marisa picture. Speaking of huge, guess who isn’t huge. Marisa. Marisa is probably one of the more shorter characters in Touhou like Suwako or Chen. I do believe Marisa is probably a fair bit aller then them but is shorter then even people like Reimu. Its probably good to assume that all characters in Touhou are extremely light as well. Unless you want to insert a Letty joke here.

There probably isn’t any heavy machinery or any machinery at all that produces the same kind of livestock we have. Over there, I’m not expecting anything more then good old natural farming from the human village. While Marisa personally gets mushrooms from the Forest of Magic to eat.

What does that mean? It means obesity rates are probably 0. It’s not good for running away from youkai if you have to carry extra weight too. Oh, and about that Letty joke I was refering too? As the first PCB boss, she had a above average sized hit box. So players jokingly made the implication that she’s possibly fat. There have been jokes about this and its probably one of the reasons why she’s a cook in school settings and so on.




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