A gift~! <3

Because of the devoted people who actually visit my blog I decided to give you guys a gift. Its not really a gift but if you didn’t know about it its a very helpful resource. Do you guys know about tentaclenoises? Not the actual thing but the site.


Here’s their mediafire. You can find all kinds of  Touhou download links from them. If its only Touhou, I’m not 100% sure. Okay, its definitely not only Touhou.

However its a compiled source for nearly everything you can possibly want from that convention. All the downloads, music, doujinshi, games whatever you want. There’s music in multiple kinds of extensions. And games such as Ougou or Miracle Party.

The doujinshi here are all raws. Why? Because they’re getting them flat out from the events. Obvious they wouldn’t be translated but you can always go to Voile and submit a request for them to be translated.

I hope this makes up for me being rather busy lately. Finals and what not. And I’ve been rather lazy as well in doing my work. People often say that I’ll never get anywhere in life and who knows maybe its true. But Gensokyo is all I want to go too. From there… I can truly live. Right, Yukari?



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