Who’d of known that the manga that I was looking for was under a different name all this time. I often read this manga in the library and I thought the characters were pretty interesting. The library was all divided and the earliest chapter was 5 and it was all pretty random seeing events without knowing what happened before or after. But with the help of manga sites, I managed to come upon the manga today.

In the library the manga was called, ID_Entity.  Identity, except with some capitals here and there with a _ between ID and Entity. Now its called Yureka? How does that make any sense. Its like what happened to Case Closed.

Nevertheless, the reason I’m particularly interested in this manga is because its based around experiences in a virtual mmo. Which is the current aspirations for any RPG gamer. Events that happen in the game while seeing a view on the production of the game itself and seeing the characters grow.

The last part is truly the part I’m staying for. There was another manga who’s name I can’t recall with RPG elements. But the main characters were just so bad I could never truly get into it without wanting to stab them.

But at least in this manga the characters are like-able, relate-able and you can see them grow.



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