A cat is fine too.

It’s amazing how things become memes. People like something and it spreads and spreads until it becomes popular enough to be considered a meme. There isn’t any official happening. And signs are rare. It just tends to happen. This particular meme was originated in a Type-Moon Tsukihime doujin. Featuring the main character, Shiki Tohno’s non-canon pedophile personality.

Unable to restrain it. He suddenly gets arrested by the police… not. But that’s what happens in out society. Nevertheless, its just a comedic doujin. There’s nothing particularly too erotic except the implications are questionable. But if you truly think its questionable then it leaves me wondering. Because it seems as questionable as a girl sucking on a banana.

After confronting the 3 main heroines, defeating them all sound-lessly which is nearly impossible for him to do if not impossible. Len/Ren, to avoid getting raped turns into her cat form. Hoping to save herself. Unfortunately, Shiki continues to un-zip his pants saying, “A cat is fine too.”

This image is usually used when discussing pedophile type things and the like. Speaking of memes, I haven’t heard someone say, take a arrow to the knee in a while. Or maybe I’m just out of the loops. Fruit loops.



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