Tsuyakuro Rorschach

Among genius, there’s going to be things the regular person doesn’t understand. What exactly determines a regular person though.. -_-”. Nevertheless, I always did like creativity, and I value such abilities above being able to calculate numbers well. Along other traits like never giving up and giving everything your all. From what I’ve seen such traits are hard to come by.

Regardless, the title is another Touhou doujin. Things that end up on my blog usually catch my eye enough to be talked about. I found this particular doujin on Fakku. Yes Fakku, a porn/hentai site. With explicit ads, but other then that I guess its okay? If your looking for porn that is.

This particular doujin is rated ecchi, so its really not that bad. I wouldn’t recommend reading it on Fakku. If anyone saw the ads on that site you’d have some explaining to do. That or you could just ignore them that works too.

The setting of the doujin takes places in Gensokyo like most do. After winter, its spring making things less cold. To put it how the book did, its a story of how girls flag their revolt against choices of the world.

Koishi is found ill due to a lack of… pantyhose and to cure her they find various residents and force them to wear pantyhose. Its really comedic but a safe rating can definitely be argued. Tights Famine Sickness, I know a few guys who have something similar.


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