Its hot and my terrible laptop crashed when I pressed the publish button. As if I wasn’t already not in the mood to do the blog post in the first place. What does this mean? It means I’m not going to bother retyping up everything relevant. I mean, I thought it’d happen in the first place and I even tried to right click copy. When I realized I accident pressed publish, but nope.

… So, there’s a giant flying boat in the air, going to the sky. It dives into the lake and goes into ground.

I really need a new computer, a lot of things are annoying me about it. Long start up times, overheating. The fact that it can’t load in the first place and I’d have to pay people to take my graphic card out of my hands. Sounds like my locals, people would have to pay other people just to take cards off their hands. Oh, GAOV.

A few of my friends pulled a collective total of 20 packs from GAOV. Random holos, and a lot of commons and rares. I heard someone pulled a Card Car D though. Even if I did pull something like that I wonder how most people find people who’d pay full cash price for it.


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