Fire Emblem – Shadow Dragon

Did I already do a review on this? Oh god this game. This game was released earlier in the years… a while back. A classic fire emblem game for the DS that’s a remake of the first game which was previously released in the 20th century consoles. The main character, Marth is well known for showing up in games such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl, among other works.

Shadow Dragon to me, was a disappointment in the Fire Emblem series. Really, the lack of dialogue and any kind of development of the characters was completely non-existant. Like seriously. Characters would have one sided conversations about why they joined and that’d be it. The game was literally promoting you to lose these text-less characters by giving extra bonus chapters to people who killed off enough of them.

I suppose that makes it more war-like? But it definitely doesn’t do anything for the characters. The game is a mess, but the sensible thing is the gameplay. However, it doesn’t do much to help its case that the gameplay is repetitive and all the game has to offer. It has a extremely difficult mode, H5 but that’s about all that’s worth playing in the game and there’s no replay value at all.

Shadow Dragon lets you reclass your characters. I personally find this system rather nice, effecting their growths. In terms of game play, it wasn’t too bad. But in terms of story and everything else. Even though it was a remake. Oh god. All and all, stay away from this game unless you get it for free.


One response to “Fire Emblem – Shadow Dragon

  1. The thing that dissapointed me most about Shadow Dragon was the lack of support conversations. I know the original didn’t have any, but that doesn’t mean that IS couldn’t have made any.

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