Close Friends

To me, there’s nothing more valuable then a c-… Pfft. It might just be me, but I feel like people throw around those words a lot. Valuable, love and a lot of promises too. To be honest, I do keep my promises, but they’re half-hearted. Even if I don’t want to do them I do still keep my promises… unless its something completely unreasonable.

But if I had a chance to go back into my childhood. I’d first try making as many childhood friends as possible. Close friends and close bonds I feel are precious. Seeing people close to each other even if I’m not involved is a enjoyable feeling for me. And if I could have those kinds of bonds with Reimu, Alice or Tenshi… well, that’d be nice. Really nice.

Someone who wouldn’t give up, like Marisa or motherly figures like Keine. Everyone has aspects to them that are admirable in someone else’s eyes. Lately, I’ve been feeling that I haven’t had any friends at all lately. But that’s fine. Because in my mind, Tenshi appears before me. Caring and stretching a arm out that’ll take. Flying the both of us to the Heavens and Gensokyo, where we’ll party and have fun.



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