Finals are coming!

Wahhhh! School would be more enjoyable if it wasn’t about classes. You’d think by high school you’d have enough of a basic education to decide what you want to learn after that. Instead of taking some basic classes like Calculus for the sake of filling one more slot of something that you will probably seldom use. Knowledge is knowledge though, and there are times such knowledge does help people.

But people would generally learn more if they were off by themselves. Learning at a pace one’s more suitable at is probably best anyways.

So, so! Uhh, let’s see.. Yu-gi-oh, yeah. I could never understand how Miracle Gemini and Dino Rabbit were topping decks the previous formats. They were consistent, they were good. But I don’t know, Anti-Meta just seems lacking.

But when it comes down to it, the top decks are usually some kind of Anti-Meta, Loop or OTK. When it comes down to making Laggia and Dolkka, Evol’s can typically do it better. But Rabbit is so flexible. Macrosworn… Rabbit? Nah, that’d be too inconsistent as it is.

Have any of you guys ever had any dreams about Gensokyo or Touhou? I do every so often. I hardly remember the more finer details but at times its nice. I want to try lucid dreaming some day.


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