What do you do after you accomplish your dreams? Do you sit and live your life as it is? Do you aspire for more? Its a question that I can’t help but wonder. How can things simply just end, without notice. What are you supposed to do after that?

Normally, people find something new or kill time. That’s how it usually is. Unless you have massive profits though, the life is usually shallow or filled with work most of the time. Work that one most likely won’t enjoy. That’s… I feel, is no way to live. Wouldn’t you agree? I feel like people, not speaking for everyone. Wants the ideal life. At least ideal to them. However, there’s a lot they need for that ideal life. Money is the easiest and clearest route to that at least in this world. And speaking time constraints, chances is one won’t be able to do it. Without stepping on someone else that is.

I don’t like to put it that way, though. If one is truly going to reach their fantasies, they’d have to have really good friends, luck/fortune or devotion. Maybe a few other things. With this, others feelings are usually considered but ultimately its overlooked for the sake of oneself.

Going to Gensokyo is personally enough for me. And meeting the people there and living my life to the fullest. I don’t really know what I’m saying though… I know its way too much to ask to care/help someone else. But the least you can do is not get in their way. No matter who they may be, friends, children, your children…

But even if I say that, depending on the circumstances things change. Hm.



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