Monster Girl Quest

I really didn’t want to do today’s blog post. I know I’m saying this a lot but I’m either sick or really not in the mood. In this case, the former. I feel like I’m going to die or something, and that’d probably be why my blog suddenly stops without warning if that was the case. Or a constant source of internet is cut off. Therefore, I have a lot of PMs and threads to reply too, but ugh.

Regardless, the second half of this post is going to be talking about Monster Girl Quest. I’ll have to make this clear.

It’s a 18+ H-game.

It’s a doujin game, revolved and targetted for male masochists. The game is generally a game about a young kid, who aspires to become a hero. Though a series of events and meeting some friends on the way, he lives life following his religious faith trying to be a hero and saving as many people and monsters as he can. Only to be conflicted by his beliefs and faiths which contradict each other. In this doujin we see the main character grow and we learn more about him.

The game-play is a typical first person combat style that’s customized. Generally the opponents are monsters that try to steal your semen. Some do have the intent of killing you but losing ends up with a H-scene for each individual monster anyways and a game-over scene.

I honestly have to recommend this. I just recently finished though the 2nd part and it was amazing. The game is split into 3 parts, the 3rd not released yet. The first is a bit bland, it was interesting enough to keep my interest though-out the game and play it in one sitting. Which was nearly two days.

The game is a VN style format and although you can pick where you want to go on some spots, outside of game overs. It always leads to similar paths. If you truly don’t mind H-games. Then I have to recommend this for its amazing story for a doujin game. Where you can the main character, Luka. Resolve conflicts in the world such as inter-race fighting, extremists and following his faith.



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