Examples of Questions

I don’t know what to post today. So, about autism. No, I mean… ugh, I don’t know. There’s a lot of things I could say but I’m so sic I don’t really feel like it. I did mention I’d answer questions if anyone bothered to PM me. I seemingly still get viewers amazingly, but who’d want to come here anyways.

At any rate, for examples sakes.

Q: What are your thoughts on… Pokemon.

A:  Its a long-lasting franchise that I can’t help but feel is simply riding off its name and arguably cute pokemon to keep people interested. Admittedly, they do seem to add new features every game. But by new features I mean tedious mini-games that usually hold little relevant to the main story.

Did I mention the main story is also extremely repetitive. Become the pokemon master while capturing some legendary pokemon and stopping criminal organizations on the way. A lot of the game really makes no sense in logics sake. But I suppose its supposed to appeal to a younger audiance who doesn’t think too much about the more finer details.

Pokemon is definitely a game that had a lot of potential, if only they focused more on game play rather then appearance.


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