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I get about as many PM’s about my blog as Reimu gets donations. Nearly none. Not surprising though. Regardless, I’m going to have a deck profile! … No. But in contribution, I might as well show a Macro Sworn draft. Its supposed to work like a Anti-Meta deck focused around recycling Lightray Sorcerer, which is our version of Chaos Sorc in a way. The downside that its a complete nomi meaning although it can be recycled with other versions of Lightray Sorc or Light of Redemption, its unable to be summoned by Chaos Zone.

Don’t get me wrong, the deck is hilarious and it even works on a T3 or arguably T2 level. Untill we get further support, it probably won’t get any better then Lightsworns themselves really. Mostly because mixing Lightsworns and Macro is extremely inconsistent.

If it gets off, ti can efficiently tool box the remove from play pile, but a deck like that is just way too slow and with little search engines/room its generally ugh.  Its a deck that’s growing and has a lot of options going towards it really. It can splash in any light or dark and has a lot of potential. The main problems is consistency. Speed depends on our draw engine. If we can get it fast enough.



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