Trojan Green Astroid

What’s this, ZUN’s…. 6th album? I’m not keeping track. The album was released on April, 30th and if you look around you can easily find a download although if you want to show some support you’d order or encourage other people to order it. It contains a total of 10 tracks for about 50 minutes of music.

  • 01. 衛星トリフネ (04:34)
    • Satellite Torifune
  • 02. トロヤ群の密林 (04:29)
    • Trojan Asteroid Jungle
  • 05. 天鳥船神社 (03:46)
    • Ame-no-torifune Shrine
  • 08. 天鳥船神社の結界 (04:52)
    • The Barrier of Ame-no-torifune Shrine
  • 10. 宇宙に浮かぶ幻想郷 (04:01)
  • The Gensokyo That Floats in Outer Space

This is copy pasted off Touhou wiki. Regardless, I’ve been listening to the album for the last few days and its pretty nice. Similar to how everyone remixes ZUN’s music, its always nice to hear some remixes of his own or even originals of these songs. 

I’m honestly not too sure what else to say… I’m not exactly musically talented so I can’t go in depth about the music composition or what not.

I think this goes without saying but the album cover features Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn. College students in the outside world interested in the super-natural. Both are characters who live in the outside world, so they’re naturally characters you can relate too because they both do have a interest in Gensokyo, the Moon and the Netherworld.

Regardless, if you truly can’t find where to download this if your persistent to download it. A easy place would be in Doujinstyle’s forums. Forums, not front page.


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