Monthly Video Team Post

If you’ve seen the monthly video in Team Miracles, the blog post is exactly the same.

Its another month, there was a lot of things I could of shown to you because my options aren’t particularly limited. There are a lot of PVs out there. Amazing by-products by fellow circles making them out of sheer love. However, I wanted to show something different. Well, not different but simply new. Not main-stream. It’s difficult to find a huge amazing PV that isn’t main-stream if something was already that amazing most of you would of heard of it already. Making my efforts to make it a monthly video somewhat pointless if you already seen it.

Therefore, I have reached this video.

Your first thoughts must be looking at the time. Yes, nearly 44 minutes. However as the video loads up you start to wonder what your seeing. Touhou Gensokyo, made out of minecraft, a online server which you can explore.

The video starts with a over-head view of the Minecraft Gensokyo, moving around giving you a general feel of some familiar locations. Until finally starting at :58 showing the Hakurei Shrine. Where the video is sped up as your traveled though Gensokyo in a first person view though various locations, such as the Human Village, Scarlet Devil Mansion to even places such as the Palace of the Earth Spirits.

To truly get a appreciation of this video, you’d have to truly know how much work and effort was spent into this project made by a hand full of people.

Minecraft is a game made out of blocks. The sun is a block and generally everything is a block. From personal experience it took me one hour to gather the materials I needed to make a 4×4 block house in the water, and it was simply walls. Nothing special about it. Where you see in this video detailed inferiors along with seemingly accurate positionings.

They truly brought forth the limits of minecraft. Truly, the locations of Gensokyo and how things look are pretty up to interpretation. Because not many people truly know how like the interior of Marisa’s house looks like. But though minecraft as you can see in this video, the exterior looks almost the same as the background of Marisa’s house in SWR or Hisoutensoku.

Truly, the outside looks amazing, but the fact that they spent a equal amount of devotion on the landscaping, and smaller stages such as bridges or the insides of buildings.

A small hole can even lead you to the setting of SA, where you can see the whole underground. You’ve probably seen the amazing figures of various figures of Touhou characters being shown in Minecraft right? But never before have I seen a detailed representation of Gensokyo in this form.

The secret passages that lead to another, it truly makes you wonder how much work was spent on this one project. To keep you entertained, its beautiful enough for you to continue wanting to see what’s next and how they portrayed it. Along with non-vocal tracks of Touhou music as you continue to explore.

Its not perfect, there’s a lot of things i could of felt would of been a lot better if they did this or that. But what they did already is way beyond anything I could do, that if I said something would it be hypocritcal? Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this months video as much as I did. I continue to take suggestions of all kinds, regarding my blog and what not. But with finals coming up and the school year ending this month I’ll be increasingly more busy.

On a final note, I’d just like to say the things in this video aren’t canon. At least the interior anyways.


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