Doujinshi Recommendation – Reverse

Have you guys ever seen a AlixRei pairing? Well, you see it involves Alice and Reimu. I know, its mind-blowing. The color that made it is Jalapeno Chips, its on Danbooru full translated in a pool if you want to see it there.

The art is pretty decent and the story over-all was heart-warming. Its a bit of childish cuteness or how people would like to say. So if your looking for something serious this probably won’t be for you. The story opens up with Alice waking up one day with Reimu in her bed. The point of their relationship is that they’re both attracted to each other but Reimu is more direct about it while Alice is more shy about it.

Alice isn’t exactly a tsundere though. Due to certain incidents that  do not involve Youkai causing havoc one place or another. Reimu loses her memory of what happened. The extent of her losing her memory isn’t exactly specified but Alice has to go though moments where she has to explain their relationship to her. Causing her to open up a little bit more.

Hm. I think I’ll leave it at that. If you like it this way, then PM me and give me your thoughts. I think I explained enough of the story without giving out the good parts.


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