It seems like I get sick…

Whenever I do something involving water. Whatever. So, I haven’t mentioned a lot of characters, so let’s get started.

Eirin, Eirin.

Sadistic Eirin.

Obviously, she’s not canonically sadistic, I doubt any of them are, except maybe Yuuka but that’s definitely up to very easy interpretation. Final Stage boss and 5th stage boss depending on which character route you chosen. But ultimately Kaguya is considered as the final boss of IN. Eirin basically over-sees Kaguya, coming with her from the moon to escape. Her highlights are medicines and un-usual drugs so that tends to give Touhou a medical approach for anything unusual.

If your wondering what those things in the video are, they’re Sin Sacks. I know they have Chaos Armor, but they’re Pierce enough with Patchy’s chaos attack. No one will get the reference, I know.

The turn of the month is Tuesday, so there isn’t much time then. Honestly I have quite of few tests next week so its going to definitely be troublesome for me. I’ll see what I can do about the monthly video though. I have gotten some suggestions but I honestly prefer something more recent that way probably not all of us have seen it.



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