I’m busy.. again

I’m in a rush, because I’m going to be busy later today. Which is shown because I’m actually doing today’s blog post fairly early and not 3 hours before midnight. Sword Girls has been upgraded to the 5th chapter, featuring the first Hard Dungeon. It comes with patch notes that you can view in the main page that contain details such as fixed text but no new cards in the Lab. It also comes with the removal of the Morning Cards and Chocolate from the lab.

You might be wondering what I’m in a rush for, well later tonight I’m going somewhere so I have things to do before I get back if I do get back and I don’t get gapped by Yukari.

Priority is gone or is at least going to be gone. Prices of cards such as Veiler, Bottomless have spiked and cards such as Rescue Rabbit have declined in price. Its hard to imagine them spiking any higher so yeah.

I wonder if we’ll start to see people maining Raigeki Break.  Now its purpose is similar to Book of Moon but more flexible. You end up using more resources though so it may not fit the TCG meta, but we’ll see.



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