Meido + Puella Magi Yukari Magica

What is a meido, remember you are meido. Meido is you. Meido loves you, you love meido and ultimately you wish that Moot would get rid of Meido so you can post whatever you want on boards. Meido is /jp’s/ janitor, or somewhat like a admin who only deletes completely random topics who aren’t even slightly relevant to like anything. Such topics would unfortunately be like Flanfly or discussions about being a little girl. So sad.

I don’t know the history but Meido is usually portrayed as being a maid, thus her name. Of course she’s usually hated towards some extent, or that just how it seems. To be honest it is the internet so even if people do seem angry most people probably aren’t.

It makes me wonder if people becoming more and more sensitive is a good thing and that there should be no middle ground.

On a side topic, what is a guy’s greatest pleasure? I’m interested to hear this from all of you privately. No this is not a paragraph to fill the last 50 word count I need for today’s quota. One of my friends would say his fantasy is to be rode on by a 10 year old girl. Well, not like that can’t be arranged, just go to a daycare and raise one of them to be a dominatrix. Not that you should actually do that.


I don’t think I need to say more, the picture explains it all. Most of you should of watched Madoka to some extent or at least heard of QB. The doujin is revolved around Yukari telling Ran about her time as a Mahou Shoujo. It was brought up when Ran discovers a photo album. It’s a pretty cute read I think…? Its definitely cute but I can’t help but feel a bit… Well either way I recommend it. I wonder whatever happened to that cat.



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