Wow, just wow. I clicked one video just to see what it was about and saw something amazing. First of all, that’s a lot of time spent. And it doesn’t even seem to be a customized world, within a few considerations of course. I mean, you start out as Youmu and that’s definitely customized. But the fact that you start from nothing and build your way up to making what, the Netherworld? H-.

But minecraft gives me headaches and I can’t really watch it for too long. Oh it seems like Youmu is talking to us with a Yukkuri voice like a lot of other Touhou videos. Not that I can understand a word really. I have a feeling it’d make the video a lto more exciting so if you can understand it. Props to you.

All and all, its hot. Really hot. So hot. ;_;

Oh, and I took a look at the 13th video. I think Youmu was making the inferior of a huge house, but when she was moving along to collect the materials. I saw torches, like everywhere. Everywhere. The amount of time and dedication it must of been spent on just this. It never ceases to amaze me.



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