/JP/ for dummies

I’ll post all you need to know to get started with 4chan. First of all when entering 4chan you shall always take the form as a Anon. You can do otherwise, but its a law, a code, a society’s morals. Entering a board will let you see all kinds of topics, while you see on the top a bunch of things to fill out.

First, know that putting a subject is optional and hardly anyone does it anyways. Along with name and email. Hell you don’t even need to put a comment either. Just know that every new thread just needs a picture and put in the verification code and your set. Press insert and you’ll make a new thread. If you want to post in a thread you follow a similar process. Except you click reply button next to a thread. There you can see all the replies. And you keep the posting options on the top. When replying you do not need a picture. But you may need a comment. I haven’t tested this.

You probably shouldn’t take anything on /jp/ or any of the boards seriously. Because you most likely will get flamed one way or another, despite how good your thread may or may not be. People like joking around after all.

Oh and watch what you post. You’ll get flamed if you request something, but you may get something out of it. Every 11 P.M using California’s time. You have your daily Flanfly. Have fun.



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