Why is it so hot…

It’s give or take anywhere from 70+ degrees. I know its nearing the summer, but I have heat stroke… okay, just a headache but really? I can feel the burning! No wait, that’s just my chair. I know 70+ isn’t much for some people, but it surely is for me when I prefer a nice 50-60 degrees.

The weekend is truly terrible or maybe its this heat. I have so many things to do but I never feel like doing them and its such a hassle later when I’m pretty much obligated to do them at the last second. Maybe my computer is acting like some kind of a natural heater, oh jeez where’s the fan.

Oh, I have a request for you all. Not that anyone actually listens to my requests. If you have any pictures representing Touhou characters in a child like form that’d be much appreciated if you could give me some. No, I’m not looking for pornography, but I don’t judge what kind of pictures you do give me.

Regardless, who knows if I’d get arrested just for saying that in the first place. But ehh…. Whatever works.  Pojo is up today and I really need something to do but don’t feel like doing something. That feeling of lethargy.


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