Touhou Cosplay

Pojo is down, so sad. Although for some people it may be yay. Nevertheless, I’ll be posting up some Touhou cosplay from my collection that tends to get deleted every other month. Only 5 pictures and these will be rather common ones too. I need to save them for next time too you know~?

Nevertheless. After that’s done, you guys probably don’t want to hear anything past this. Because I’m going to talk about my weekend. I’m not planning on doing anything special, maybe call up a few friends while playing dota and sword girls at the same time. How does that work? well, Sword Girls against NPCs I can basically AFK unless something drastic happens like my opponent finally plays removal cards.

I really wish I could wear cosplay normally. I know it’d be a bit awkward for people but not that awkward. Seriously all these standards and restrictions and reps, its all just a really big hassle. I don’t even have privacy in my house, its really bad.

I’m not sure what else to say, you guys should go look up sadpanda image board if you haven’t been there before. I personally never been there either, but who knows.



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