Taco x Squiddy

Another autumn day… Squiddy smirked while sitting on Taco’s seat. “I can’t hear you!” Squiddy shouted loudly. “Ow, ow, ow! That hurts~”. Taco started pulling on Squiddy’s ear, as the other class mates looked on. Squiddy was very energetic in the mornings compared to Taco who hardly had energy at all. They both attended the same all girl’s high school and events like these were a daily routine between the two. Not that Taco had much of a choice, Squiddy would simply try to find some way to annoy her. As a result, Taco had built up a reputation of being a bully.

Squiddy transfered to Mopojco High School during the autumn. Acting like a deliquent and not even showing up in the mandatory school uniform. The faculity bothered her about it for some time, but later in the Winter they all became quiet all of a sudden and rumors started to spread about what happened.

Squiddy wasn’t always as lively as she is now. When she transfered, her days would of been spent sleeping in class. She didn’t bother anyone if no one got involved with her. Not many people knew why she changed so suddenly and got attached to Taco, except the two themselves.

Meanwhile, in the school cafeteria; “…So, Taco. What are you going to do over the break?” Sen asked, sitting close too Taco at a table.
“Just spend some time with Kitsune…” Taco nonchantly replied, her food was untouched and she was staring aloofly out the window. Senseker started pinching Taco’s cheeks. “Mmmh. What do you want?” Taco asked. “Don’t lie to me, you aren’t going to go out with Kitsu-chan. She’s been out of the city for the trip anyways. Why don’t you just admit that your going somewhere with Squiddy?”
“She’s annoying…”
“So are you going somewhere or not?”
“Its not like I have any choice… I lost a bet and now I have to go see a movie with her.”
“Kya! A date, I never knew you were the type to go on dates Taco.”
“I’m not… its a pain and its annoying.”

The following afternoon. “After calling me out… she’s late.”, Squiddy was running towards me, panting. “Heyyyy! Sorry I’m late, I stayed up all night because I was so excited for today. Sorry.” Squiddy had her hair cut and it only reached up to her shoulders except for a braid of hair held with a heart pin.
“I’m not angry, so you don’t need to apologize… let’s just get going.” … They walked towards the movie theater and got ice cream cones; “Although.. to be honest, I was also looking forward to this.” Taco thought to herself. They spent the day together, sitting next to each other as they both shuddered from the scary bits in the movie, paying for it 50-50. The rest of the evening they spent together, shopping and talking. She didn’t realize this at the time but… Taco had started to open up a bit. “Sorry, its late and I need to get back” Squiddy informed Taco after a quick check on her phone. She looked down gloomly, after all the fun today it was nothing more then a depressing notation to go home today.

“Your hair. You only grew that portion out.” Taco stated, refering to the braided pair of Squiddy’s hair. “Ah… you mean this? My wishes are placed on this. It’s something like a charm. It’s for a century of love, to come to reality.” Taco was touched, “Is… that so?” Squiddy’s phone started ringing; “Ah! I have to go!”, Squiddy rushed off in the opposite direction.
“… At the same time…” Taco thought to herself, tears forming in her eyes. “At the same time I realize my feelings… I learn they’re unrequited. That really does seem like something that would happen to me. I’ll just carry on the relationship we had till now. And not confess to her.”

The days went by and it turned into Winter. “Hey, Taco. There’s going to be a shower of shooting stars soon. Let’s go see them!” They walked hand and hand to the school; “That’s fine, but where should we go?”. “There’s an elevated location at the back of the school! Then, it’s a promise.” Squiddy smiled and stuck out her pinky. Her smile was burned into Taco’s heart, and the pain that Taco was feeling. A feeling that she was betraying Squiddy’s feelings of friendship, but eevn then she couldn’t stay away from her.

The class as they got to learn more about Squiddy, they became progressively more fond of her. Within a short period of time she was among the most popular girls in school. Truly kind and helpful. It was through these every day events and praise for her that Taco realized that she never gives up. Squiddy was showered in attention for winning team relay at the sports festival, while
Taco was sulking, away from others. “I wonder what kind of person Squiddy likes… That person must surely be cheerful and cool. And of course, a boy. Completely different from me. Though I had decided to give up, the feelings just overflow. I really hate myself when I’m like this.”

“It hurts… My heart hurts. I didn’t want such feelings. I can’t conceal this any longer.” Taco slid against the wall, breaking down and crying.

After school, Squiddy came to Taco’s classroom. Taco’s eyes were red and she felt like crying again when Squiddy came. “Hey, Taco! Is there something wrong?” Squiddy reached for Taco’s shoulder when she turned away. Only to have it slapped away by her; the loud slap resounding thoughout the classroom gaining the attention of everyone. “Just leave me alone! You’re annoying!” Taco dashed away from the classroom, sliding the door closed behind her. Squiddy stood motionlessly, making no notion to chase after her.

Taco was crying on the walk back home, her thoughts and emotions over-flowing; “It’s fine this way. Because, I don’t want her to find out. I can’t let her find out. I’ve come this far without her finding out. But if I stay with her I won’t be able to conceal this.” She made a silent wish to herself; “Please, don’t let her find out about these wicked feelings.”

To be continued.

P.S: Props if anyone knows the inspiration for this story.



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