Hooked on Wriggle

Long story short, this was a favorite doujinshi of mine and still is. If anyone can link me to the full translated doujinshi again or the full raw that’d be much appreciated. Nevertheless, the doujinshi is obviously about Wriggle. The doujinshi has 4 books/parts each involving Wriggle trying to over-come something. I don’t want to spoil every single part, so let me go with Part 2. I think… was it part two? Well, nevertheless. In Part Two, Wriggle is trying to get over people’s image as her as a boy. Because she actually is a girl. Opening a cake shop, which is every girl’s dream, things go poorly from there.

Oh and before you ask. Yes, its considered a adult doujinshi. However, personally I don’t feel like there isn’t any NSFW images. That may or may not be because there actually is no sex anywhere in the doujinshi. Although a lot of it is revolved around various youkai playing with Wriggle’s body sexually, no actual sex. I’m not sure if that helps or not, but its definitely a + for me? I guess.

I’m not too fond of normal sex, but I’m fine with anything else? I’m even more okay with it if it doesn’t involve d-. But that’s another issue. This is my doujin recommendation for anyone who doesn’t remind 18+ stuff. Doll out.

Did anyone else notice the Wriggle on the bottom right?


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