Sleeping Desires of a Girl Conflicted.

“Hey, didn’t you promise me that’d you’d carry me some day?”, Martia asked. “Yeah… I guess you wouldn’t remember. It was in the beginning of the school year when we were joking around. But you still promised. Hey! Don’t pick me up like that so suddenly.. and we’re at school too, everyone’s looking…” She set me down, gently placing me on the ground, not letting go until she was sure I wouldn’t fall onto the ground. “Buy lunch, for me? I’m not that hungry, but if you want to go its fine…” I followed her to the other side of school to the lunch court. We chatted about daily things but neither of us spoke too much. I waited for her outside the line where she was munching on a piece of bread. She never was much of a heavy eater after all. We were walking around the school, she was a step behind me. What did she see in her eyes? Was it me, or my body? I wondered how she thought about me. “Hey, I always knew you liked me.” She looked somewhat surprised. But I knew she knew it too. She was probably only surprised on the fact that I brought it up now. “And I wanted to be in a relationship with you too. But you know, I’m moving soon so we probably wouldn’t be able to see each other and it wouldn’t work out.” Her expression was the same as usual, but her eyes changed and looked down like she always did. “Don’t be too sad. Hey, let’s do something together. How about we draw something together?” She looked nervous and started to pull out papers, looking for a blank sheet. But though her unorganization, she got nervous and started shaking when she couldn’t find anything. It was rather cute, but people started to crowd around us. It seemed like they were chanting that we’re in love and some jerk seemed to broadcast it over the intercom as well. It was annoying, neither of us liked many people around. I took her hand, and she grabbed her backpack and we ran off from school. I took the lead and she followed, that was how it usually was. “Hey, it looks like I found a interesting person after all.” I said, looking back at her.

Author’s Note: This was a dream I had today, I woke up to write the general idea before I forgot it and the story ended when I woke up as well. There was definitely some details I left out and added in. And I actually did have this dream about a friend of mine at school although names were left out and perspective may of been bent. It was quite a interesting dream, it was vaguely based on real life events that are happening right now but the dream is genuine and mostly accurate except for some details I added in and switched around. I didn’t have the girl reply or talk back to me, so you guys could look and read it in the perspective as if you were that girl. Its a shame that my life events can’t go this smoothly. But it hasn’t resolved yet, so we’ll see how that goes.


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